NAREGI Middleware Version 1 is released in RPM packages. Please refer to the installation guide for details.

Installation of NAREGI Middleware Version 1

Step 1. Download the Installation Guide (English / Japanese) and read carefully.
Step 2. Configure your computer following instructions in this guide. (configuration of NTP, SSH and more..)
Step 3. Get "installer" and install NAREGI Middleware. (URL of "installer" is described in the installation guide.)

In addition, UMS(User Management Server) is not released in RPM packages. Please download and install the
UMS Installation Package with the CA Installation Package and the Required Software(J2SDK). The packages are available in following links:

・ Download of UMS installation package
・ Download of CA installation package
・ Download of Required Software

Note that UMS is an indispensable function in the NAREGI Middleware. Please be sure to install it referring to the installation manual.

 * NAREGI Middleware includes third-party software.
 * SRPM ( CentOS ).